Manage enrollment in just one click

Managing enrollment manually can be a daunting task, but not anymore! Educare brings you specialized software designed just for YOU.

Your all-in-one Enrollment Solution

Whether you're part of a traditional district or a charter organization, Educare Enroll supports you through every stage, including application, lottery and placement, registration, and re-enrollment. No matter how intricate your system requirements are, Educare Enroll effortlessly manages them all.

Application management with E-Forms

Efficiently handle your school’s applications, leaving behind outdated methods like e-forms and spreadsheets. Everything you need, all in one platform!

Approve/Reject documents with Doc-Check

Leverage the efficiency of our AI-driven Doc-Check® for automatic document review and streamlined parent communications, all in one platform.

Empower parents with Parent Portal

Empower parents with complete control over their applications: they can track the status, upload electronic documents, interact with the registrar, and receive automated alerts, all independently.

Automate repetitive tasks

Lottery, waitlists, parent notifications, missing paperwork, confirm applications, manage ESOL, ESE, and McKinney Compliance, reconfirm students, forecast enrollment, change class sizes, auto-enroll and more! All without lifting a finger.

Mange your school's lottery

Educare Enroll simplifies enrollment management with a Weighted Lottery feature, ensuring fairness in student selection. You can export results to a spreadsheet for seamless record-keeping

Unified communication with AppChat

In the world of K-12 school enrollment, seamless communication is a must. That’s where App Chat by Educare Enroll comes into play, designed to simplify and enhance communication between parents and registrars.

How does Educare Enroll software help?

We know how K-12 enrollment works and its struggles. From small schools to larger districts, we create a strategic approach that emphasizes the importance of focusing on three key areas: innovate, automate, and optimize.

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