Leverage the efficiency of our AI-driven Doc-Check® for automatic document review and streamlined parent communications, all in one platform.

Elevate Document Review and Communication

Educare Enroll takes the guesswork out of document review with our cutting-edge AI-Driven Doc-Check® feature. This intelligent system automatically verifies documents submitted by parents, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

It examines each document for information matching, form-filling precision, and overall correctness. Instant feedback is provided, so registrars are promptly alerted if a document needs their attention. This advanced feature simplifies the document review process, reducing administrative overhead, and delivering a more efficient enrollment experience.

With AI-Driven Doc-Check®, schools benefit from improved data accuracy, streamlined communication with parents, and comprehensive record-keeping, while parents enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly document submission process. Say goodbye to document-related headaches and embrace the future of enrollment management.

Automated Document Review

Say goodbye to manual document scrutiny. Our AI-Driven Doc-Check® system automatically examines each document submitted by parents.

Information Matching

It's not just about glancing over documents; our technology ensures that every piece of information matches the form, making sure there are no discrepancies.

Instant Feedback

Once the AI-Driven Doc-Check® completes its analysis, it instantly provides feedback. Registrars are promptly informed if a document is in order or needs attention.

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