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Fast, Easy Online Enrollment: Say Goodbye to Paperforms

Looking to Improve Enrollment in Your School?

Increase productivity with Educare's Enrollment & Lottery Management Software! Say goodbye to paper forms and embrace the future of stress-free online enrollment. 

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Amazing Features

A versatile solution designed to innovate, Automate, Optimize, and Promote student acquisition while reducing costs.

Enrollment Software

Educare’s Enrollment Software is a versatile solution tailored to meet the needs of PK-12 schools across the public, private, Catholic, charter, and international sectors

School Awareness

You can't enroll students if nobody knows you are there! Be the first result in all search engines with our solutions.

Blogs about Enrollment

If you are feeling lost about enrollment matters, you can always read our blogs!

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Great Reviews

Discover how Educare Enroll has transformed enrollment processes and enhanced school operations for registrars, school administrators and parents alike.

I have nothing but great things to say about Educare! This user-friendly system has made our lottery and enrollment process a breeze. From the easily accessible color-coated enrollment dashboard (for a quick look at waitlist, active enrollments, returning students, etc.) to the one-stop shop housing all required secured documents, this is my go-to system. The dreadful summer overload of enrollment has lightened up now that I have Educare. I can quickly locate family positions on the waitlist, check to see if an IEP was submitted, or easily communicate with my parents through the message portal. If your school is tired of the chaos of enrollment, you need Educare! Fabio and his team quickly troubleshoot and can customize any ideas you bring to the table to fit your needs quickly!

Marissa Deamer
Marissa Deamer PowerSchool Administrator/Registrar

Educare Enroll's comprehensive suite of features has truly been a game-changer for us. The ease of use and intuitive interface have made it incredibly simple for our staff to manage applications, track enrollment status, and communicate with prospective families. The automated workflows have saved us countless hours of manual labor, allowing us to focus our time and energy on other strategic initiatives to enhance our school's offerings. In addition to streamlining our enrollment processes, Educare Enroll has also provided valuable insights and analytics that have helped us make data-driven decisions to optimize our enrollment strategies. With access to real-time reports and dashboards, we can easily identify trends, track performance, and make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement.

Frank Bolanos
Frank Bolanos School Co-Founder

Educare Enroll has truly exceeded our expectations in every way. From simplifying application submissions to automating lottery management, the software has streamlined our enrollment workflows, saving us valuable time and resources. With Educare Enroll, we can now effortlessly manage the entire enrollment journey, from initial application to final enrollment confirmation, with ease and confidence. One of the standout features of Educare Enroll is its parent portal, which has greatly enhanced our communication with prospective families. The portal provides a centralized platform for parents to submit documents, track their child's application status, and receive important updates and notifications, fostering stronger engagement and collaboration between our school and families.

Reshall Williams
Reshall Williams School Principal

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Our software products are designed to enhance productivity, streamline the enrollment processes, optimize parent/school communication, and promote student acquisition and parent satisfaction. 

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