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You can’t enroll students if nobody knows you are there! Be the first result in all search engines with our solutions.

Boost your school's visibility with top-ranking results on Google through effective SEO

As families explore and assess schools online, their digital interaction with your school's website and reviews plays a crucial role in their decision-making. Educare Enroll supports schools and districts in boosting visibility and increasing website traffic, ensuring that families can effortlessly discover your institution. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be intricate and time-consuming, with Educare Enroll, you can entrust it to us and witness the growth in your school enrollment.

Enroll more students with a stunning personalized website

Make a lasting first impression and guide families through a delightful exploration of why choosing your school is the ideal decision. The Educare Enroll's dedicated school enrollment website is tailored exclusively for your enrollment process, boosting your school's ability to attract and enroll more students.

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Promotinal material for your school

From traditional to digital design, Educare Enroll provides you with all you need for your school to be seen. 

What they say about Educare Enroll's School Awareness

"Educare Enroll's School Awareness feature has transformed our online presence! The websites it creates are not just visually appealing but also highly functional. The SEO tools embedded in the system have significantly boosted our school's visibility, making it easier for prospective parents to find us. Plus, the school reputation management ensures that our online image remains positive and impressive."

Lance McClain

"As an administrator, the School Awareness function of Educare Enroll has been a game-changer. The websites it generates are modern, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. The SEO tools have noticeably increased our school's visibility in online searches. The reputation management aspect ensures that our school maintains a stellar online reputation, attracting more families to enroll."

Eric Smith

"Educare Enroll's School Awareness capabilities have put our school on the digital map! The websites it builds are not just beautiful but also optimized to perfection. The SEO tools have given us a competitive edge in online searches. The school reputation management ensures that our online presence reflects the excellence we offer. A fantastic tool for any school looking to enhance its online visibility."

Rachael Smith

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