How to Stand Out From Other Schools

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Nowadays, with all the different choices for schools, it’s extremely important to set yourself apart in order to attract families and students to your school. If you don’t effectively promote your school and its unique value propositions you risk student enrollment. What’s a unique value proposition? It’s simply what makes your school valuable to families in your community. To stand out from other schools in your community you must first define your unique value propositions and then create effective marketing strategies that promote what you offer.

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Define Your School’s Unique Value Propositions

You know what makes your school shine, but many families might not even be aware of this. For example, do you have a STEM curriculum that gets parents excited about a promising career path for their children? Does your school have strong tutoring services? Bus transportation that makes it easy for families with multiple working parents? An ESL program for students who are learning English? What clubs do you offer? What about sports that build teamwork and leadership roles? If you enroll high school students, do you offer honors and AP classes to prepare them for college? What sets your school apart from others? Answering these questions can help you pinpoint your school’s unique value propositions and tailor your content marketing efforts accordingly. 

Engage With Families Through Marketing

Educators want students in schools, but without proper outreach, many struggle with enrollment. Promote your school through media marketing, such as getting involved with SEO (search engine optimization), which is an affordable way to optimize your online presence. Have fundraisers, prepare local listings, press releases, case studies, upload educational articles, or host community events. Don’t forget about social media! You can easily promote your unique value propositions through a post, reel, story, or video. This is all about what distinguishes your school from others, so don’t be afraid to get out there and show your community what your school is all about! After all, there are thousands of other schools, but there is only one like yours

The Result….More Students!

Effectively promoting your school’s unique value propositions is so vital to its success. When families see all the amazing things your school has to offer, they feel reassured that their child will receive a rich education. The result is an increase in student enrollment and student retention.

Educare Solutions is the Answer

Educare Enroll is an enrollment company that helps schools identify and promote unique value propositions that stand out. We create, manage, and optimize effective marketing strategies that attract families to your school and the result is more enrollment. Schedule a demo today or click below to learn about our products and how we increase enrollment.

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