How To Combat Bullying in Your School

In recent years, a growing number of studies have found that bullying in school significantly affects students’ academic performance as it makes it difficult to focus on learning when the environment feels unsafe. If bullying becomes an issue in your school, not only will academic performance decline, but also attendance and overall enrollment. In order to combat bullying and the negative effects it can have on your school first must increase the awareness of your bullying policy and then enforce it. It’s imperative that you join as a community with teachers and students to create a positive school climate that makes children feel safe and accepted.

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What Is Bullying?

Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior that is intentional and is the act of treating someone cruelly or in a threatening manner. There are several types of bullying: cyberbullying, verbal bullying, physical bullying, and social exclusion. With the help of technology, in the last couple of decades, cyberbullying, or harassment through electronic means, has increased dramatically.

How This Affects Students

Bullying harms students on multiple levels. There’s not only a decrease in attendance, test scores and grades, but studies show that being bullied raises a students’ risk of developing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. It is extremely important to prevent bullying and address it quickly and swiftly before it becomes an issue and affects enrollment.

Steps To Combat Bullying

First and foremost, your school must clearly outline and communicate its policy against bullying. A clear message of zero-tolerance bullying and the consequences for bullying should be communicated and enforced all year long. If your school already has a systematic bullying problem, it’s not too late, but you must begin to enforce your bulling policy at all costs. As you address bullying in your school, students’ overall academic performance improves, and the overall image of your school also improves. This means that families and students recognize your school as safe environment to learn and grow and are more likely to come back next year as well as refer your school to other families..

Setting Up a Positive School Climate

A positive school climate doesn’t just happen overnight. Everyone, including students, families, and staff members, need to be part of cultivating a school culture that is respectful of others. In an effort to stop bullying before it starts, some schools are integrating more social and emotional learning (SEL) curricula into their educational programs. SEL is the process through which people learn how to develop healthy identities, manage their emotions, show empathy for others, become supportive, and make responsible decisions. Promoting programs like this strengthen your image as a great school with a Zero-Tolerance for Bullying policy that ensures all students feel safe and welcome to grow and learn. 

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