Application management with E-Forms

Customized for every school's needs!

Enhance your school's productivity with our app management feature, meticulously designed to meet your institution's specific requirements. We recognize that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why our system enables you to personalize app management to precisely fit your school's needs. Whether it involves grade management, online student records, or application progress tracking, our feature puts you in charge, driving you toward the best outcomes.

Bid farewell to the constraints of generic solutions and embrace the adaptable and customized assistance that our app management provides. Your school's distinctive needs will not just be met but exceeded with our support.

Our Advantages

Why choose us? We have plenty of motives!

No more Paperwork

Our app management feature revolutionizes enrollment processes, saving schools valuable time and money. Your registrar will appreciate the efficiency and ease of our solution.


Invite students directly from the waitlist, determine the number of students required to fill each grade, open and close grades, and track the count of returning students enrolled in your school

Online Records

Manage and access student records with our convenient online platform


Instead of using those old-fashioned Excel Spreadsheets, we have our own database where you can easily manage all applications without using external programs or tools

We Connect Schools, Families and Communities


Our user-friendly platform replaces cumbersome paper forms and inefficient spreadsheets with a modern, cloud-based solution that saves time, reduces errors, and enhances parent engagement.


Learn how we helped more than 100 schools gain success

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