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With the influx of new students coming to school each year, graduation, and student attrition, it’s important to keep track of records and the student body. But it can be a real struggle to do this if you’re not using a dedicated enrollment software. You may think using Google Sheets has got you covered, but just because it’s free and many schools use it doesn’t mean it’s effective. In fact, it’s time consuming, tedious, and leaves room for error. You might even be losing students to another school because while you’re using Google Sheets to process applications ever so slowly, another school is beating you to the punch and processing applications much quicker. An ineffective enrollment process ultimately leads to poor enrollment numbers so it’s important to pick the right software.

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What is enrollment software?

Enrollment software is a system that handles the administrative aspects of enrolling students at your school. It helps registrars enroll students, maintains records, and keep track of the student body.

Why should you invest in enrollment software?

Investing in good enrollment software optimizes key parts of your enrollment process and helps propel your school forward. It helps manage enrollment more efficiently and as a result, it increases productivity and reduces stress. Good enrollment software helps process applications quicker and as a result reduces application turnover. Other important features will include a digital database of records, enrollment work flows and  reports management can use to track enrollment. Not to mention, an often overlooked benefit of having third party enrollment software for lottery purposes reduces the risk of discrimination allegations that can arise from using your own lottery system. 

Enrollment Software Essentials

You want software that keeps you organized, simplifies the admissions process, saves you time, and manages student records. Set yourself up for success: Select a top-of-the-line enrollment management system that streamlines data entry and automatically tracks and communicates with applicants through different stages of the enrollment process. With technology, everything gets done faster and easier for everyone involved.

The Answer

If you’re struggling to find the right enrollment software, your search ends here. Educare Enroll allows you to streamline the entire enrollment process and optimize enrollment. It is user-friendly, easy to use across all devices, completely customizable, and surprisingly affordable. Key features that are unique to our software include automated workflows, parent to registrar communication via parent portal, document upload that links directly to student records, and a digital database of student records that can be accessed at any time. You can access and manage enrollment, lottery, parent communication, student information, and data reports all in one place. Call or schedule a demo today.

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