5 Ways to Increase Student Enrollment

How many times have you sat in the middle of June and realized that your student enrollment numbers are not where they need to be? The thought of not having enough students to fill all the spots in your classes can be incredibly stressful. Furthermore, it can be absolutely crippling to know that you don’t have enough students to run your class, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are five ways you can boost last-minute enrollment and end up with all the students you need by the time school starts.

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1. Create An Effective Marketing Campaign

The first step in boosting last minute enrollment is creating an effective marketing campaign. You’ve got to attract families and engage them, so they not only know about your school, but also why it is relevant to them for their family. Start by identifying your target audience and developing a unique value proposition that addresses their needs and potential concerns, especially in terms of your education, extracurriculars, culture, reputation, and relevance in today’s education environment. Next start to create massive awareness by promoting your school through digital marketing.

2. Promote Using Digital Marketing

Most people do their research online and can easily access information at the tip of their fingers. That makes digital marketing your best tool to create massive awareness and reach prospective families. Moreover, digital marketing is often more affordable and time-efficient than traditional advertising methods. To optimize your online presence, first make sure you have a good website and powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Next, promote your unique value propositions and events through Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to create Listings and Ads on multiple search engines to increase awareness.

3. Promote What Makes You Unique

Before and after care, a convenient transportation system, and more activities, like sports and clubs, makes your school unique. Advertise these differentiators in your social media posts and ads. This will help parents see why you’re worth checking out. If you don’t have many established programs think about creating and promoting events such a Science Fair or Career Day for students and families.

4. Establish a Strong Community Presence

Engaging with your local community and establishing a strong community presence is extremely important. Done right, you can become recognized as the school of choice where families connect, share, and grow. Partner with local businesses and nonprofit organizations to host special events such a Summer Carnival, Field Trips and Guest Speaker Seminars.

5. Process Applications Quicker and More Efficiently with Software

You’ve worked hard to build trust and interest in your school but without a smooth application process all your efforts could go to waste. Processing applications manually is simply time consuming and very tedious. The longer the application process takes, the more students you can potentially lose to other schools. To process applications quicker and more efficiently use software. And no, we’re not talking about Google Sheets. While Google Sheets may be free, the truth is that it’s time consuming and leaves room for error. You need a dedicated enrollment software with the right number of features that streamlines the entire enrollment process from start to finish.

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